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Plantar Fasciitis
I'd like to try another session. My plantar fasciatis [sic] is gone but I'm still a long distance runner and could use some treatment.

- Cory, 45

Morning Sickness
This week has been a total shift. Have barely been sick at all! Will reach back out if things take a dip but feeling good.

- Samantha, 31

Tinnitus, Body Pain, Insomnia
Hey Jesse, thanks for the session yesterday. Slept like a rock and my knee feels great!

- Gregg, 56

IVF Preparation
Hey Jesse! I wanted to let you know that today I got a blood test done and I'm positive for pregnancy! I go back in to see if my levels doubled on Wednesday, but so far so good [smiling emoji] thanks again!

- Rachel, 28

Trigeminal Neuralgia Following Blunt Trauma
I almost don't want to say it, but I haven't had any facial pain since the first treatment.

- Kathleen, 72

Chronic Pain, Headaches, Nausea
It sadly took me a long time to open my mind to acupuncture. I've dealt with chronic pain for years. I wish I would have done this years ago. Jesse is PHENOMENAL! He takes the time to explain what his process is, what he will do, answers any questions you have, completely explains his pricing structure, and makes sure you are completely comfortable before proceeding. I also greatly appreciate that there is no high-pressure sales pitch. He doesn't try to get you to sign up for 10 or 20 sessions right from day one. I still have night terrors from providers trying to do that to me many years ago lol. If you're considering acupuncture, I would strongly encourage you to visit St Croix Acupuncture. You will be thrilled with the care you get there.

- Matt, 51

Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia
Thank you again Jesse for the acupuncture yesterday. I think I really feel the results. I was very nervous but thank you again.

- Gabriel, 42

Piriformis Syndrome with Radiating Leg Pain
Of all the treatments I received so far, acupuncture has had the best effect.

- Jesse, 45

Acute Severe Idiopathic Facial Swelling and Rash
My swelling is completely gone, but my allergic reaction/rash is still pretty bad. Thank you for the great session!

- Sarah, 28

Neck Pain
Before coming in, I literally had to use my hand on my chin to turn my head. It's a miracle!

- Jean, 76

Body Pain
I just want to tell you that my neck feels better than it has in years! I'm really not exaggerating! Thank you!

- Jackie, 78

IVF Preparation
Hi Jesse! I saw you while undergoing our first IVF transfer, and it was successful! We are getting ready for another transfer scheduled for early October, and I would love to come back in for acupuncture.

- Jamie, 32

Low Back, Hip, and Leg Pain, Marathon Training
Hi Jesse-it was a great day yesterday! Thanks for helping me stay pain free! (1st place in age group!)

- Karla, 65

Migraines, Jaw and Neck Pain
I haven't had any headaches, and my jaw pain is gone. It's unbelievable.

- Megan, 36

Knee Pain, Stress, Alcohol Cessation, Maintenance
It's incredible. I get full range of motion in my knee now.

- Steve, 54

Hand and Thumb Pain
Recently had 2 treatments and the procedure has already helped my osteo arthritis in my hand and thumb. Looking forward to continuing my piano studies with much less pain. Thank you St. Croix Acupuncture!

- Carol, 72

Foot and Low Back Pain
I hate to say it, because I don't want to jinx it, but I was going down the stairs the other day, and my feet felt great.

- Jackie, 77

Foot and Calf Pain
Looking forward to tomorrow morning. I felt really good after Wednesday. Have a good night!

- Stephen, 37

General Maintenance During Pregnancy, Labor Facilitation
Thank you for your help in maintaining a healthy pregnancy! I wanted to let you know that my son arrived yesterday on his Valentine's Day due date via successful non-medicated VBAC. Thank you for all your help, especially toward the end of this journey.

- Alyssa, 32

Bulging Discs, Sciatic Pain, Parkinson's Disease Tremors
I'm amazed! It's crazy, but if I can avoid surgery... the tremors even seem better.

- Joni, 61

Bell's Palsy
I'm super happy! The doctors said it was one of the worst cases they've seen, and that it would take six months to resolve. After two weeks, it improved from the worst level, a six, I think, to a two.

- Danielle, 45

Low Back, Hip, and Leg Pain Following Injury
I ran five-and-a-half miles on hills and only stopped twice to stretch. I feel great!

- Kathy, 64

Neuropathy, Leg Pain
Jesse, I have crossed the threshold into the promised land. I have over 1000 hours and my season will soon end for good. I thought I'd do a little write up on your behalf... I came in with crushing stabbing nerve pain in my left leg which inhibited me from working. I work in highway construction therefore I'm on my feet all day long. Jesse, identified the source of my pain and after five sessions I was able to return to work again and finish the season without crippling nerve pain, I'm now a believer and have drank the Kool-aid!!

- Brent, 61

Tennis Elbow
I'm super pumped! I was able to do all my strength workout, inlcuding my arms!

- Christine, 45

Fertility, Stress
Hi Jessie, sorry I haven't reached out - I'm pregnant! Hopefully this one sticks and I won't see you until its time to induce labor :) I think based on the timing that acupuncture absolutely helped so I am very grateful for your help.

- Chloe, 34

Hip and Low Back Pain
It's amazing. I can't believe it. The pain was completely gone for three or four days after the treatment.

- Hank, 52

Low Back Pain
You fixed me! I haven't had any back pain since.

- Kimberly, 50

Miscarriage Shedding, Stress, Fertility
That session was scarily effective.

- Lindsey, 35

Moved to Montana and no longer live in the area. Will miss your services.

- Carma, 65

Depression, Anxiety, Alcohol Dependence, Body Pain
Jesse is an expert in his field and conducted a thorough examination of my ailments. Treatment sessions were very relaxing and helped to relieve my symptoms! I highly recommend St. Croix Acupuncture for your acupuncture needs!

- Chris, 40

Body Pain, Stress, Insomnia, General Health Maintenance
I appreciate you and the services I received from you in the past!

- Nancy, 58

Dizziness, Vertigo, Insomnia, Digestive Issues
Highly Recommended. The time and attention I have received each visit is so supportive on my journey through insomnia and vestibular migraine recovery. I leave every visit feeling much better than when I came in, and less stress. Jesse has also offered much support and knowledge with nutrition and full body healing.

- Laura, 43

I received excellent care and service at St Croix Acupuncture! I highly recommend!!!

- Dawn, 53

PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Insomnia
My sleeping really improved after our last appt. : )

- Heather, 47

Knee Pain
After my MRI I was planning on another arthroscopy, but now it's feeling mostly fine.

- Doug, 52

Chronic Headaches Following Shingles Outbreak, Stress
My headaches are gone : ) : )

- Susan, 62

Morning Sickness
The times I feel sick are down from ten per day to two or three.

- Sam, 31

Fertility, IUI
I felt so relaxed before the procedure, I want the whole world to know [about acupuncture], and I'm usually very stressed before any medical appointment.

- Justine, 33

Foot Injury and Leg Pain
You're amazing. It's so much better. I have hope for the first time in six months. It's awesome. I can't thank you enough.

- Cindy, 67

Smoking Cessation
Just an FYI... 32.4 weeks straight walking 5 miles per day, not a single day missed since I started. Most importantly, not a single puff of a cigarette since my first acupuncture treatment. My wife has also stopped completely since a week after I did! Not to mention saving $12+/day... about $400 a month! Lost about 13 pounds overall, another positive. Before doing acupuncture, I couldn't have imagined quitting.

- Mark, 65

Low Back, Hip, and Shoulder Pain
Before beginning acupuncture, the pain would sometimes be bad enough by the end of the day I'd be hobbling around. Since then, I actually felt better and got stronger as I played [tennis]. Jesse is a true professional and is highly skilled in his practice. His care improved my low back pain after many years of seeking a solution. I highly recommend St. Croix acupuncture and Jesse to anyone seeking relief for back pain.

- Jim, 65

Wrist, Hand, and Thumb Pain
My hand and wrist are still sore sometimes, but nothing compared to how it was before starting acupuncture.

- Lauren, 30

Plantar Fasciitis
I went to a wedding this weekend, and I was able to dance without feeling crippled.

- Tim, 53

Fertility, IVF Preparation, Labor Facilitation
Baby girl arrived last night! You have had a part in getting this little girl here!!

- Lynn, 35

Generalized Neuralgia and Body Pain
Thanks so much for the great job you've been doing with the acupuncture treatments. I've really liked them. Your knowledge and laid back calm demeanor are all appreciated a lot. I always leave feeling super relaxed during and after treatment. That doesn't happen usually especially with the nerves. So thank you. I'd like to definitely continue treatment to see how things progress.

- John, 47

Cancer Treatment Support
It's great. I get in this meditative state when I'm here, and there's no other time in my life I get that.

- Elizabeth, 43

Knee Injury, Preoperative Preparation
My range of motion went from 97 to 110 degrees since the last treatment. Before that the best was five degrees.

- Kara, 38

Headaches, Neck and Upper Back Pain
I'd recommend Jesse. My mom swears she couldn't function without him and I've seen him a few times.

- Amy, 45

Upper Back and Neck Tension, Stress, Uterine Cysts
After moving to South Dakota, I wish I could find someone like Jesse again.

- Abby, 19

Injury Recovery, Neck Pain, Stress
I had a wonderful experience with Jesse. I have never been so relaxed in my life. That is saying a lot since I am a tense person to begin with! I loved the nutrition and health aspects he discussed with me. Bonus points for being able to turn my neck more than usual after the acupuncture session! Thank you, again!

- Jenna, 31

Upper Back and Neck Pain, Headaches
I think Jesse has been professional in all my dealings with acupuncture and cupping that have been performed. He is professional and trustworthy. The office is clean. It is also very affordable.

- Brett, 47

Shoulder Pain Following Blunt Trauma
With all the current events going on, I didn't realize how stressed I was. I'm, like, oh my gosh! I was so relaxed after last treatment. I slept so well, and the shoulder is also feeling 98% better - I have been stretching and heating my shoulder + going day to day to see how I feel.

- Kathleen, 61

- Kathleen, 69

Low Back Pain
The last treatments were like magic. I figured you must know what you're doing.

- Teresa, 61

Insomnia, Anxiety, Hypothyroidism
I slept for almost eleven hours, and I didn't even notice my partner getting up in the night.

- Edith, 21

Post-Operative Knee Pain and Neuropathy
I completely forgot about the pain. I was, like, whoa, when I realized I didn't need the Advil! The nerve pain is completely gone, and the inflammation is almost gone.

- Barbara, 67

Insomnia, Hot Flashes, Tennis Elbow
I don't want to jinx it, but I'm almost back to normal.

- Suzanne, 50

Low Back, Hip and Leg Pain
It's so much better than a year ago!

- Jeanne, 51

Jesse was helpful in every way possible. I asked a ton of questions and he was very considerate to take the time to answer each and every one. In addition his flexibility to fit me in on such short notice was awesome, and I only wish I had had the ability to return for additional sessions. The one I did manage to squeeze into my tight schedule was excellent and very relaxing. I highly recommend his practice for any acupuncture needs.

- Dan, 27

Biliary Dyskinesia (Sluggish Gallbladder)
It's much better than when I started. I'm so glad. The doctors just wanted to remove it.

- Debbie, 46

Chemo-Related Side Effects
Once again instant relief. I'm feeling so much better stomach wise and give total credit to my Acupuncture session with you. Thanks!

- Claudia, 72

Shoulder and Scapula Pain
You took care of my shoulder. The acupuncture treatment really worked.

- Sara, 55

Gallbladder Issues Causing Abdominal Pain
Since my last appointment, things have taken a turn for the better. I'm actually doing pretty well.

- Kim, 62

Low Back, Hip and Leg Tightness/Pain
I ran five miles on Saturday and Sunday. I can't remember the last time I did that.

- Lauren, 37

Neck and Shoulder Pain
Hey - I just realized that my neck/shoulder has felt better today than it has in WEEKS! I did not even use a pain patch last night. Yay. I *knew* your needlework would do the trick. THANK YOU!

- Sarah, 50

Possible Cervical Impingement, Arm Neuropathy
The last session I had was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had. I just felt so peaceful!

- Tim, 61

Low Back, Hip, Shoulder and Knee Pain, RA
It's much better. My husband watches me walk, and he says it's a world of difference.

- Judy, 76

After trying for over a year to get pregnant, before the IVF route, we wanted to try noninvasive techniques. Step one was lose some weight and step 2 was to try acupuncture. After a month of dieting and working out, we added in weekly acupuncture visits. After 1 month, we got a positive test! I can't thank Jesse enough for his technique, and clearly this is something I'll recommend to any friends having issues like we had.

- Shawn, 32

Neck and Back Pain
I had very good results with treatments on my neck and back. I have recommended Jesse to several friends and family members.

- Debbie, 57

Stress, Body Pain, Pre- and Post-Operative Relief
Just to let you know surgery went perfectly! I was lightly sedated at the right times, I wasn't nervous, thanks to you! Slept last night! Thumbs improved! No pain yet! Totally different than my last surgery. Thanks for helping me!

- Susan, 79

Labor Facilitation
Did I tell you? I can't remember if I told you, but it worked! I went into labor at 10pm on February 9. Now I'm coming in to get pregnant again.

- Romy, 32

Elbow Pain
AMAZING! I had been having issues with my elbow a few years ago. I think 6 or 8 sessions with Jesse and I have not had any problems. I never had accupuncture before and Jesse made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend seeing him!

- Anne, 48

Weight Loss, Kidney Stones
Highly recommend - very professional!!!! Great relief of symptoms.

- Rae Lynn, 54

Coccyx Pain, Mid-Back Tension
Jesse is a good listener, respectful, and professional. The atmosphere is inviting and clean. I had been having some mysterious excruciating tailbone pain for over a year. Could not find one doctor to figure out what the problem was. Explained my problems to Jesse and my issue disappeared. Could have been that it disappeared on its own, or what Jesse did. Don't know, but it's gone and I'm grateful for Jesse. He took the time to listen and try to solve my pain.

- Brandy, 35

Back Spasms
I was feeling so good after my last treatments, I didn't need to come back until now.

- Donna, 88

Shoulder Pain
It's much better, like, almost nothing.

- Julie, 62

When I got home from acupuncture yesterday, I reheated a tiny chunk of salmon that was grilled and a hamburger that was grilled, and I had full flavor out of both of them. That was really cool and such a nice correlation of having happened right after acupuncture, so it's kind of a proof-in-the pudding thing.

- Tom, 64

Body Pain
My mom thinks you're the bomb. She swears by you. I'm hoping you can help me too!

- Kimberly, 52

Stress, Insomnia, Body Pain
Jessie is very skilled with acupuncture and knowledgeable in nutrition. He has helped me come through a rocky patch in life where I was not sleeping and out of balance in a variety of ways. His treatments are part of an arsenal of tools I am using to restore balance to my off kilter body. His assurances and knowledge of nutrition, acupuncture and herbs has been instrumental in turning this sinking ship around. I have a few practitioners that I trust and have confidence in. I think of them as my "team". Meaning they genuinely care and want what is best for my health and will help me reach my health goals. I consider Jessie to be one of my team members and I am grateful to have him on my health team.

- RaNaye, 55

Just to let you know, I felt awesome after the treatment.

- Peter, 41

MS-Related Body Pain
The pain in my foot was completely gone after last treatment.

- Jenny, 44

Body Pain, Maintenance, Longevity
Yeah, man, I feel like my old self.

- Chuck, 77

Dietary Transition, GI issues, Allergies, Muscle Tightness
Jesse was referred to me by one of my clients. He is very professional and laid back. All questions and concerns were addressed. I went to see him for allergies and some gut issues. My gut issues cleared up and it helped my allergies tremendously. I highly recommend Jesse.

- Julia, 49

Shoulder Pain
My son had awesome results with you. I asked if he wanted to go again, and he said, "Why? It's totally better."

- Laurie, 53

Stress, Constipation, Maintenance
I noticed my food cravings increased since not being here last month.

- Cindy, 59

Neck Pain
My neck is much looser. I can get cracks out of it now, which I think is good.

- Loralee, 56

Achilles Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain
I'd come in to see you, but my Achilles pain is completely gone after the last treatment.

- Linda, 56

Shoulder and Upper Back Pain
It's unbelievable. After the last treatment I felt better than I have in years.

- Michelle, 43

Achilles Strain
The pain is about 90% better. I went on vacation and did a lot of walking. I must say I was pleasantly surprised.

- Dave, 70

Shoulder Pain, Athletic Training
My son was doing great after his one session with u and PT.

- Joe, 17

Neck and Upper Back Tension, Migraines
I've only had two migraines since beginning treatment, and that's during an especially stressful time at work!

- Michelle, 50

Knee and Body Pain, Athletic Training
It's actually much better. The pain near the hip is also completely gone.

- Jenny, 44

Smoking Cessation
I'm smoking half of what I was before coming to see you. This is the best I've ever done so far! If my schedule allowed I would come in more often.

- Janna, 56

Nosebleeds, Insomnia, Body Pain
I used to get nosebleeds a couple times every month. Now I've only had a couple in the last several months.

- Nelson, 72

Broken Foot
The doctors didn't think I'd be running again until fall, but I'm already out doing about half to two-thirds my regular distances.

- Patricia, 63

Low Back Pain, Insomnia, Hypertension
It was very painful for a couple days afterward, but after that it got better than before.

- Paula, 51

Migraines, Post-surgical Recovery
The migraines completely went away! It's the best I've felt in a long time.

- Lori, 51

Shoulder Pain, Ganglion Cyst
I'm pleasantly surprised the cyst went away completely. I've had it before, but this time was the most extreme and it stayed the longest.

- Alan, 72

Body Pain
Good morning Jesse!! Your acupuncture and your suggested stretching exercises fixed my issues with pain. Thank you!!! I will check with you later for additional appointments.

- Joel, 72

Post-Surgical Pain and Numbness
The pain is much better, and I think the numbness is a little better, too.

- Scott, 54

Low Back and Hip Pain
My pain is much better. I'm interested in bringing my son in for an acupuncture appointment based on pain he's having in his shoulder due to high school swimming starting up.

- Lea, 49

Body Pain, Muscle Spasticity
My son is a swimmer and has some tendonitis from doing these things called buckets and pullouts. Our friend had a similar injury and worked with you with much success. Would you be able to fit my son in sometime this week?

- Sarah, 46

I'm optimistically hopeful. It's been better recently. I find I'm not thinking about it as much. Also, my blood pressure is down since starting acupuncture.

- Jim, 67

Shoulder Pain
Compared to when I first came in, it's a dream!

- Shawn, 50

Body Pain, Maintenance
As usual Jesse, you got me on the path to healing. Last week I walked miles on the beach in Florida, hip ache is subsiding.

- Kelly, 51

Back and Hip Pain, Insomnia
I realized on Saturday nothing was hurting, and I said, "Jesse must know what he's doing."

- Mark, 56

Leg Pain
I ran four miles and I was pain-free, so I just kept going.

- Paul, 40

Neck Pain
The past two months are the best I've felt in a long time. My wife will tell ya, she doesn't hear me complaining so much.

- Rick, 63

Low Back and Leg Pain
I almost called to cancel today's appointment because I'm feeling so good. I was able to get out and golf, and whatever you did with the electrostim, I feel great!

- Dewayne, 76

Body Pain, Stress, Maintenance
Not sure why it worked so well, but the cyst is broken up. I did the same massage to it, but this time it's dissipated, and there's a small bruise. There's still a little bump, but nothing like before.

- Julie, 49

Injury Recovery, Back Pain
It was amazing! My back was better after just four treatments. Now I want to work on my knees.

- Sandee, 76

Anxiety, Depression, Knee Pain
I'm doing pretty well. I also realized the other day I haven't had a headache since beginning treatment.

- Collin, 17

Anxiety, Depression
In addition to being more relaxed, I haven't noticed my foot pain since beginning acupuncture, and my PMS this time was two days instead of ten.

- Olivia, 36

Morning Sickness
I was 16 weeks pregnant with my second child, and the nausea was so bad I couldn't eat or sleep for a week. Before coming in for acupuncture I was on IV fluids and food in urgent care, and I would need a feeding tube if I didn't improve, which increases risk to the baby. Thankfully after a few acupuncture treatments the nausea was manageable enough to eat and sleep again.

- Stasia, 25

Stress, Bell's Palsy
When I was a kid, I thought acupuncture was pseudoscience. Now that I've done it, I don't think that any more. I have racing thoughts a lot, but once the needles are in, everything just relaxes.

- Riley, 21

Hip Pain
I went out cross country skiing and felt better than I have in the last four or five years. When I'm out west I can't find an acupuncturist that's worth a damn. You've set the standard for me.

- Bob, 58

Upper Back and Neck Pain, Stress
You're a genius! I slept so well Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and the pain is pretty much gone. I'm so glad I started acupuncture this past year. It's the one thing that's made the most difference. I also realized I haven't gotten the flu since starting acupuncture, and I usually get something every few months.

- Theresa, 35

Low Back Pain, Stress
It was amazing. I was out of town for a month staying with my daughter after she had twins. I was up and down stairs and running around the whole time, and my back didn't give me any trouble!

- Jean, 71

Low Back Pain
You worked magic!

- Kim, 50

Body Pain, Marathon Training
I finished the marathon in under four hours, which is a new personal record, and I wasn't even that sore afterward.

- Caitlin, 29

Tennis Elbow
The treatment of my tennis elbow was SO successful, thanks again! I still stretch every day and the only time since treatment when it temporarily came back was during landscaping projects this summer as I was shoveling dirt and rocks I guess that I just shouldn't shovel! :)

- Susan, 44

Neck, Shoulders and Upper Back Pain
The acupuncture you provided was wonderful and was really instrumental in my progress in the past year. I had not been able to get my muscles to relax before coming to you. Now I can do it on my own. Thank you so much!

- Kim, 47

I'm doing awesome. My sinuses cleared up for the first time in months.

- Karen, 69

Indigestion, Insomnia, Routine Maintenance
I got a cold just before the holiday season during vocal rehearsals. Not only did I recover from the cold in time for performances, I sang better than I ever have!

- Gayle, 71

Plantar Fasciitis
After my sessions with you I was able to go on my European vacation pain-free.

- Jackie, 72

Neuroma, Low Back Stenosis, Neck Pain
Saturday night was the first night in eight or nine months when I could sleep without back and neck pain waking me up. I'm very selective when it comes to choosing practitioners, and I'm sticking with you!

- Amy, 56

Back, Leg and Shoulder Pain
I just want to thank you for the session on Tuesday. I felt very good afterwards. Golf went good on Wednesday and on Friday. Thank you again and we will see you soon.

- Howard, 66

It's been a great week! Whether related to treatment or not I can't say, but I feel great!

- Robynn, 43

Body Pain, Weight Training
I've been meaning to send you a video of my workout. My pain level is at 5% what it was before getting acupuncture. I can finally do curls again!

- Paul, 48

Labor Facilitation
I don't know if it was the acupuncture, but I went into labor four hours after my treatment!

- Margaret, 30

Ankle Pain
I'm confident the acupuncture helped.

- Brian, 42

Back Pain and Muscle Spasms
I've been praising you up and down to my coworkers!

- Susan, 76

Stress, Body Pain
I always enjoy the time during my appointment with Jesse. It is a time of relaxation and the acupuncture helps with any physical problems that are a concern for me. Jesse also provides extensive information on a variety of topics for healthy living and I always feel well informed when I leave his office.

- Joel, 69

Morning Sickness
After just a few treatments I was feeling pretty good. It was a real life-saver.

- Anna, 26

Third Nerve Palsy, Low Back and Shoulder Pain
I think the acupuncture really helped!

- Jan, 75

TMJ, Headaches, Body Rash, Sinusitis, Stress, Body Pain
I always tell people I go to Jesse because he does so much more than just put needles in people. He gives great nutrition advice and exercise recommendations. Even something as simple as drinking a little ginger tea has made a huge difference making me feel better. And when I read online he was a gymnast, that made my decision, since I was also a gymnast growing up.

- Annetta, 52

Low Back, Upper Back and Shoulder Tightness
Jesse is great! I have always wanted to try acupuncture and it was very reasonable. The first session helped my back and shoulders significantly and I ended up continuing the treatment for another 4 sessions. I highly recommend at least trying it once to see if it helps you as much as it did me.

- Keith, 31

Perspective from a Fellow Health Provider
Jesse is a very skilled and artful Acupuncturist with a beautiful, comfortable space to relax and enjoy the benefits of acupuncture.

- Dr. Chase O'Keefe, Owner, Anchored Chiropractic

Cleanse Support, Maintenance
Today, was, awesome. Thank you so much for an amazing treatment and answering all my questions and showing me plank positions! I felt incredible after and made it to Vinyasa yoga. I feel like it cleansed me from the inside out.

- Mandi, 35

Injury Recovery, Neck Pain, Bulging Discs
I usually can't ride in a car for twenty minutes without being in pain. After your treatment we went shopping, we went out to eat, we went home, and I felt good!

- Carolyn, 50

Neck and Back Pain
After three treatments, I'm actually feeling great. If I hadn't already paid for this treatment, I wouldn't even be here, but I know it's important to finish out the treatment course.

- Lois, 64

Fertility, Relaxation, Maintenance
I really appreciated how kind Jesse was and the great atmosphere of his business. I had a great experience and will be back for sure! Also I will recommend Jesse to my friends!

- Allison, 29

Osteoarthritis and Injury-Related Body Pain
I take back my claim to find someone closer to me, because I really like the results of the work you did.

- Doreen, 56

Neck Pain
I often feel like an infomercial when I speak about this place and acupuncture... bear with me! I had bought a package of 4 sessions for acupuncture to target my neck pain. After the 3rd session had come and gone, I got a call from Jesse asking why I hadn't shown up for my 4th. I had completely forgotten! Because the pain was completely gone! I had yet to ever receive such effective treatment and relief for any pain I'd ever suffered. I think my experience speaks for itself.

- Libby, 23

Labor Facilitation
I was almost ten weeks overdue, and I had tried everything to avoid induction. As a last effort I decided to try acupuncture, and within the next several days she came with a vengeance! And the labor was short, just a few hours!

- Emily, 29

Stress, Anxiety
I had no experience with acupuncture - just hope that it would bring some relief to the stress and anxiety I've been carrying around with me. Jesse was excellent in previewing the procedure, and explaining the "science" behind the practice. Every session we review what my needs are and he structures the sessions in such a way that I don't want it to end. Jesse's demeanor and presence made me completely relaxed going into my first session, and I believe that allowed my body to surrender to the healing which the practice brings. Everything about working with Jesse is easy - from parking to payment!

- Ben, 43

Hip Labral Tear, Body Pain Management
Before I started working with Jesse, I was suffering for well over two years from a hip labral tear and a few other aches and pains. In desperation, I decided to try acupuncture for my pain management even though I was really scared of the thought of being poked with a bunch of needles. Over the course of a few months of treatments with Jesse, I got used to the needles (it doesn't hurt) and the best part of it was that my pain was virtually gone. I feel great! I am EXTREMELY grateful to Jesse for the excellent work that he does. Jesse is a consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, super caring and a great communicator! I could go on and on! I highly recommend Jesse to all my friends and family.

- Kathy, 54

Post-Chemo Support Therapy, Hot Flashes
I started seeing Jesse for acupuncture after six rounds of chemo, due to breast cancer diagnosis. I wanted to "get my body back on track". I was also experiencing hot flashes and was curious if acupuncture could alleviate this as well. I started going every other week to start out with. After about five sessions my hot flashes were gone!! Now I come in once every 3-4 weeks to keep them to a minimum. Jesse always takes time to answer my questions and provides a very relaxing environment. I highly recommend Jesse for acupuncture for any health issues that you might have... and, no, it doesn t hurt :)

- Andrea, 53

Anxiety, Insomnia
I'd been struggling with severe anxiety and insomnia for weeks, and nothing was helping until I got acupuncture. It's great!

- Laura, 34

Injury/Post-Surgical Recovery, Pain, Numbness
After a fall on my road bike resulting in a broken clavicle and surgery, I was having numbness in my shoulder, arm and chest. In order to "get back on the bike", I sought out Jesse. It was my first time undergoing acupuncture, and for someone who hates needles, was reluctant. But, Jesse calmed my fears and after several sessions the numbness was minimal and I was ready to go for the cycling season, way ahead of the schedule the doctor told me it would take to gain feeling back in that area. For those of you who, like me, cringe at the thought of multiple needles, I wouldn't hesitate to undergo acupuncture again. In fact it was very relaxing. Go for it!

- Marsha, 48

Headaches, Neck Pain, Digestion, Relaxation
I have been seeing Jesse as my acupuncturist since 2012 for headaches and neck pain that I have been dealing with for over 20 years. In addition, he has helped me with improved digestion. After a number of treatments, the headaches have decreased dramatically in both frequency and intensity. My digestion always seems to be improved for a number of weeks to months after treatments also. The sessions seem to be very effective in treating these problems. Furthermore, I always have an improved sense of wellbeing and relaxation after a treatment session.

Jesse is extremely knowledgeable in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is always willing to teach me principles and theories that accompany the practice. He always makes me feel at ease and comfortable while always maintaining a high level of professionalism. The clinic has a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and the heating lamps make the treatment rooms very comfortable. The needling experience is noticeable, but has never been uncomfortable or painful. He seems to have a significant amount of experience to keep patients comfortable. I highly recommend Jesse for all your acupuncture needs!

- Matthew, 44

Rheumatoid Arthritis
After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis over a year ago, I began receiving acupuncture from Jesse Katzman, and have been extremely pleased with the results. Jesse's clinic space is warm and inviting, and his personable professionalism creates an atmosphere of comfort and trust. By maintaining a regular needling schedule with visits every three to four weeks, acupuncture keeps my chronic pain well managed, while acute pain can be treated with impromptu visits as needed.

Although I continue to take an immunosuppressant to mitigate my inflammatory response, I no longer need over the counter pain killers or prescribed narcotics to maintain comfort on a daily basis. I would, and frequently do, recommend Jesse's services to any of my friends and family, as an effective, non-pharmacologic alternative for treating chronic pain. Thanks Jesse!

- Ryanne, 37

Allergies, Stress
Jesse's knowledge of acupuncture has helped me greatly with allergies and stress. He communicates well and is very accommodating.

- Ann, 60

I have fibromyalgia and nineteen other co-existing, co-morbid syndromes and diseases. I was using prescription meds, chiropractor and water therapy. I still was not able to manage my pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression. Everyone who knows me would never have thought that I would have gone to an acupuncturist. I have been petrified of needles my entire life. I could not even watch them on TV. I was at the point that I had to try something, anything else.

I knew nothing of Jesse and found his place through an online ad. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. I was so relaxed the first session that I fell asleep on the table. After each treatment I would feel improvement. I was honored when he agreed to speak to my fibromyalgia support group. Jesse is extremely calming, intelligent and willing to teach you the "hows" and "whys" of acupuncture. I highly recommend Jesse and can't thank him enough for helping me to be able to manage my illnesses.

- Melissa, 46

Injury Recovery, Back Pain
I have been going to Jesse for several years now. Although he is very professional, he is extremely personable, and I can't help but think of him not only as a really good acupuncturist but a friend. Jesse goes out of his way to make sure you are comfortable during your time with him. From friendly, knowledgeable conversation while inserting the needles, to soothing music and heat lamps when he leaves the room to let his expertise work its magic. When I say magic, I mean it.

I broke my back 25 years ago and Harrington rods were placed on a major portion of my spine. Every once in a while my back will "go out". The medical field's answer is pain pills, the chiropractor's is massage and activator, both of which give limited if any results. That was the reason I came to Jesse and tried acupuncture in the first place. I will arrive with moderate to intense back pain and I will leave 100% better. Amazing stuff!

When you have found an answer you don't have to keep looking. So when my back starts aching I just make an appointment with Jesse. I highly recommend him. You have very little to lose and a whole lot of health to gain.

- Grace, 66

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sinus Issues, Stress
Jesse's amazing knowledge and application of traditional Chinese medicine have been incredibly helpful for me in dealing with painful carpal tunnel symptoms, stubborn sinus problems and general relaxation/stress relief. He's personable and professional, always taking time to ask questions and have thoughtful conversation about acupoints and herbal remedies. I work as an acupressure practitioner for animals, so I understand a lot about Jesse's approach and I deeply respect his training. I love my sessions with him and I whole-heartedly recommend him to my clients and friends. If you have any reservation about trying acupuncture, take my advice and give it a try with Jesse.

- Sarah, 45

Fertility, Cycle Regulation, Maintenance
I began seeing Jesse for fertility issues after learning that two friends of mine had conceived within just months of acupuncture with Jesse. He laughed at the time, telling me he was 100% so far in his fertility treatments, and sure enough within four months I was pregnant. Beyond pregnancy I noticed a real improvement to my monthly cycle. Jesse's clinical approach is always very professional, and I always feel encouraged to ask questions or voice concerns. I continue to see Jesse for health issues as they surface, and I continue to trust his skills. Most recently, Jesse has been so helpful with a lingering low back injury. 4 sessions in and I can bend forward again and get through the day without ibuprofen.

- Jubi, 45

Body Pain, Mood
I have had acupuncture for the past 30 years from a variety of practitioners on and off for various reasons, so I can say that I find Jesse knowledgeable and highly recommended. Because of acupuncture I do not need to seek out medications for old injuries, and for grueling 8-hour-a-day computer usage. I am pain free much more often than I would be if taking medication. An added awesome benefit is that I no longer am experiencing any anxiety or melancholy.

- Joyce, 59

Acupuncture always makes me feel more relaxed. And Jesse has always given me good advice.

- Susan, 75

Stress, Anxiety, Maintenance
I've been getting treatments for a few years for stress/anxiety and overall maintenance for myself and I LOVE how thorough and knowledgeable Jesse is with each session. The clinic is very comfortable and the treatments are always very relaxing and enjoyable! I leave feeling relaxed, grounded, de-stressed, mentally and physically much healthier! I'm so grateful for Jesse!

- Shelly, 33

Tennis Elbow
I went to Jesse for help with tendonitis in my right elbow before considering surgery, and acupuncture treatment I never needed to have surgery. I also had treatment of my left elbow a couple years later. Very professional and helpful.

- Aaron, 42

Allergies, Sinus Problems
I have had sinus problems and also some allergies. I have found acupuncture to have astounding results. I rarely have flare ups on the above problems anymore. I totally recommend acupuncture for that and many other issues.

- Tom, 76

Fertility, IVF Preparation
I started acupuncture when my husband and I started our IVF journey, and I am so grateful that I did! As a first-timer, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but Jesse is very thorough and knowledgeable, so I felt comfortable right away. He knows his stuff and explains it well. Going through IVF was stressful, and I'm convinced it was acupuncture that helped us achieve our goal - a healthy pregnancy. I highly recommend Jesse and acupuncture treatment! I will be a recurring customer!

- Stephanie, 31

Low Back and Sacroiliac Pain, Tennis Elbow, Pulled Hamstring
I first went to see Jesse in the summer of 2015, after reading an article in the paper about how VA hospitals around the country were trying alternative forms of therapy, including acupuncture for the treatment of pain in war veterans. I had never tried acupuncture, and quite frankly, had always been a skeptic, but I thought if it provides effective pain relief to war veterans, it should be able to do something for my back/hip pain. I have a herniated disk, a dehydrated disk and arthritis of my sacroiliac joint - in the past several years have gotten multiple cortisone injections for both.

When I first went to see Jesse, I had had my most recent series of shots in March, and though they were effective at making me mobile, I was suffering from constant pain/discomfort. I also had tennis elbow and a pulled hamstring at my first appointment, and was just hoping that acupuncture could provide even partial relief for even just one of these. Instead, I had complete relief from my SI joint pain after one visit - my low back honestly hasn't felt this good in years. It took additional visits, but my tennis elbow and hamstring pull have also now resolved.

I am nothing short of amazed and so pleased that I gave acupuncture a try. And, I couldn't be more pleased with my choice of Jesse as a practitioner - he is knowledgeable, pleasant and extremely accommodating, and I am grateful for the results I have enjoyed.

- Kim, 49

Menstrual Regulation, Fertility, Morning Sickness
I started receiving acupuncture treatments to help regulate my cycles and ovulation for fertility. I credit acupuncture in helping me achieve two pregnancies, and manage some all-day-sickness during the first trimester. I also looked forward to each session as an opportunity to relax and relieve stress and tension. Jesse is knowledgeable, professional, and gentle in his approach. I would highly recommend acupuncture with Jesse for physical and emotional wellness when trying to conceive!

- Emily, 33

Post-Stroke Recovery, Body Pain, Anxiety
Jesse has helped with my chronic pain since having a stroke. I have also seen benefits of relaxation from acupuncture that has helped with anxiety issues.

- Tim, 39

Body Pain, Maintenance, Kidney Stones
I have been using acupuncture for quite some time now, and my experience with Jesse has been up with the best of practitioners that I have had the privilege of being treated by. I like to keep my body and energy balanced, and with a tweak once or twice a month from Jesse, it keeps my aches and pains down as well as keeps my energy where it needs to be for my life. What is amazing to me is that on a couple of occasions I had a kidney stone attack, and with one treatment I was able to not only get relief from the pain but also pass the dreaded stone. Many kudos to Jesse for being very understanding and so helpful during those trying times, as in the throes of a kidney stone attack I am quite out of it and not very cooperative, but with the help of Jesse, life is great again!

- Tom, 53

Neck Pain
My neck pain felt so much better afterwards, that was awesome, I'm a fan!

- Jamie, 41

Early-Stage Macular Degeneration
I started acupuncture with Jesse after researching its effectiveness in treating macular degeneration. I was treated for six months and Jesse also taught me exercises to do at home to continue. After two months the white dot that I always saw when I closed my eyes had disappeared. My ophthalmologist said I continued to have drusens, but he wouldn't classify it anymore as macular degeneration. It was a great, positive experience for me.

- Susan, 57

Tennis Elbow, Migraines, Thumb Arthritis
Very happy with Jesse. He's extremely responsive and listens very well to your concerns, ailments, etc. When I feel I need a treatment, I always contact Jesse!

- Kelly, 49

Back Pain
Jesse, thank God for the gift you have been to me. After trying several acupuncturists it was a delight to find you. Your skill, professionalism, personal attention, and cleanliness are impressive. Best of all, you helped my severe back issues with techniques that I'm convinced helped prevent surgery. You always check back half way to adjust the needles and make sure I'm comfortable. It makes me feel cared for, and that I'm working with a dedicated professional.

- Ann, 69

Back and Hip Pain, Muscle Pain and Spasms, Athletic Training
My experience with Jesse was amazing! The first round of treatments I had were for a chronic back issue that had transferred to front hip pain. After a course of 8 treatments I felt amazing. Better than I had in 20 yrs. While in treatment I was doing a difficult 10-week work out program. While everyone in the class would be sore, I never was. The whole body acupuncture really helped in workout recovery. I would love to try this while marathon training, I can only imagine how helpful it would be.

The second round of treatments I had with Jesse was for a severe trapezius muscle strain. I was in EXTREME pain and had lost all strength in my right arm and was having multiple muscle spasms in my back and arm. After my first session I had some immediate relief, next day I felt at least 50% better and it just went up from there. Treatments for me would run about 45 minutes and Jesse was always wonderful and very informative in what he was doing. It can get kind of addicting because you feel so awesome after your sessions. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone and especially to see Jesse. He was a miracle worker for me :)

- Teresa, 47

Tennis Elbow, Body Pain, Maintenance
I have been receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Jesse since 2013. Initially going to treat a chronic, painful tendonitis in my elbow. The tendonitis has completely resolved with acupuncture treatments. I now have incorporated acupuncture as part of my wellness program to prevent common aches and pains from becoming chronic. Jesse is professional and very knowledgeable in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

- Patricia, 56

Cancer Treatment Support, Mood
It works for the whole family! From my mother, sister, brother, even my 19-year-old son has sought treatment here. In times of stress or discomfort we've found that Jesse always finds time for us to accommodate our needs.

- Leslie, 53

My headache is gone!!! You are a miracle worker!! Thank u so much!! :)

- Jill, 41

Neck Tension, Mental Stress
Welcoming, knowledgeable, comfortable atmosphere.

- Cynthia, 43

Fertility / IUI Preparation
I sought the help of Jesse after hearing about the benefits of acupuncture for unexplained infertility and am so thankful I did. My husband and I had been trying for almost two years to get pregnant with our second child. After a couple miscarriages and five failed rounds of IUI I knew that we needed to try something different. I was a newbie at acupuncture and always felt comfortable with Jesse. He was knowledgeable, personable and very good at explaining his approach. His treatment plan and herbal supplement recommendation, along with my sixth cycle of IUI did the trick and we now have a happy healthy boy. I am convinced that Jesse's treatment plan allowed us to achieve that dream. Thanks Jesse!

- April, 39

Plantar Fasciitis, Allergies, Mood
I was suffering from plantar fasciitis and had to quit running. As time went on my symptoms weren't getting any better and even walking was uncomfortable. I was worried that I may have to consider surgery to get relief from the pain when someone suggested acupuncture to me. I knew nothing about acupuncture but decided to give it a try. I was nervous. Jesse did a great job explaining the process, speaking to me about it at my own level. Surprisingly, I found the treatments very relaxing which was not what I expected. Because I had been suffering from PF for quite some time, it took several treatments before finally achieving some relief. Jesse always suggested things to do at home, in between appointments, that were easy to work into my day.

There were times I was discouraged that acupuncture maybe wasn't working. For me, there would be weeks that I felt a bit better and then weeks I felt that my pain took 10 steps backwards. But boy am I glad I didn't stop! My feet are now pain free and I'm back to walking my dog. In addition to helping me with PF, acupuncture has also helped relieve my allergy symptoms, sinus congestion, and lifts my spirit in long winter months. A bonus is that I always leave my appointment thinking about different things I can try to improve my health/lifestyle thanks to Jesse offering me simple tips/suggestions. I'm a lifer!

- Mandy, 35

Fertility, IUI/IVF Preparation
Always a great experience. Jesse is so friendly and caring. I always left feeling relaxed and like he cared about the reasons I was there. I highly recommend him.

- Emily, 29

Body Pain, Digestive Issues, Stress, Labor Facilitation
Grateful that Jesse opened a practice in my town, I immediately gave him a try. He instantly became a staple in my healthcare regimen. I initially saw him for sciatic and back pain, but began to feel release throughout my whole body. He has helped with digestive issues, joint pain, relaxation, pregnancy/labor, and an absolute escape from the stress of working and raising a family. He is completely focused on his patients, always careful to take into account my history and to listen to what I am currently experiencing. He is fully engaged in the healing of the whole body. He poses thoughtful questions to clarify all facets of the medical problem. His many years of advanced training as well as many years of practical experience show in his precision. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of acupuncture in today's world, you will leave his office the first time a believer because of the wonderful results you will receive.

- Sarah, 36

Back Pain, Headaches, Allergies
Not only does acupuncture feel amazing it really helps, not only with my back pain but my headaches and my year-round allergies. I never imagined that needles could make such a difference, but after learning about pressure points in the body and trying it firsthand with Jesse, not only am I a believer but I love every session I go to! Thanks Jesse for the amazing job you do in keeping my mind, body and soul healthy!!

- Gina, 26

Fertility, IVF Preparation
I just wanted to say thank you again for being flexible about a Sunday appointment last time I saw you. Our IVF that day was successful, and I am five months pregnant now. I appreciate your willingness to work around our scheduling of appointments.

- Leslie, 31

Arthritis, Hand and Foot Pain
Professional, great office space, easy access, knowledgeable practitioner.

- Lynn, 53

Hot Flashes, Neck and Upper Back Pain, Stress
I have been a patient of Jesse's for the last 4 years. His treatments have relieved my pain in various areas of my body. I have had great results from the care and attention he has given me. I would highly recommend him.

- Cheryl, 52

Low Back and Hip Pain
I came to Jesse for treatment of low back and hip pain that had bothered me for over one year. Yoga and stretching were keeping the pain tolerable, but not resolving it. Jesse performed a thorough history and exam and then proceeded with a treatment regimen, and within four weeks the pain was resolved. Jesse is very knowledgeable regarding the musculoskeletal system, and very thoughtful in his approach to a treatment strategy. His needling technique is very good. In addition, he is a very personable, kind human being and healer, who goes out of his way to be accommodating. I am a family physician, and Jesse Katzman is the licensed acupuncturist I recommend for my patients (and myself!).

- Herb, 60

Elbow and Back Pain, Shoulder Injury, Fatigue
I have received acupuncture treatments from Jesse for various painful conditions: tennis elbow, shoulder injury, back pain, and fatigue. All of these conditions cleared up after having acupuncture treatments from Jesse. He is very knowledgeable, and I have recommended him to many people who were having physical ailments. Rather than taking drugs to mask the pain, try acupuncture that will help your body facilitate its own healing.

- Michelle, 56

I have been receiving acupuncture for digestion. It has helped ease the abdominal pain I have due to gastroparesis, a condition causing lack of digestion. I also feel like it has helped me gain some weight, which was something I needed to do. Thank you Jesse for your help.

- Nautia, 34

Body Pain, Stress
I first sought acupuncture for a problem with my elbow. The other things I tried did not work, and the soreness made it impossible to do most things. After the elbow issue was resolved I used other appointments to "tweak" other minor issues, such as a swollen foot after dropping a TV on it. I have had no problems since, and acupuncture also offers the same amount of relaxation as massage. Jesse is very knowledgeable and will assist you in any way. I would recommend acupuncture with Jesse as an alternative treatment option.

- Denise, 51

Head and Neck Discomfort, General Health Improvement Support
Had several acupuncture sessions here with Jesse and all I have to say is, "WOW!" He's an amazing practitioner. Very laid back, friendly, talented, and a good listener yet also explains what he's doing and why. If you're not familiar with acupuncture, he'll make you feel very comfortable. It's not painful at all and people (like myself) often see results very quickly (after one or two treatments). He doesn't pressure you to continue treatments, and in fact, encouraged me to ramp the frequency of them down after 6-8 sessions.

Sessions last about 30-50 minutes depending on what's being treated. They have two treatment rooms, both are comfortable. He has a couple of body heaters to keep you warm and there is relaxing music playing. Most treatments allow people to leave their clothes on, just removing socks and outer shirts. The needles are sterile, ONE TIME USE ONLY, so there is no risk of contamination. He also knows a lot about Chinese herbal treatments, and I'm very happy with the one he prescribed.

This isn't a weird/kooky hocus-pocus kind of thing. It's very natural and straightforward, and my body has responded well. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone go to see him.

- C.N., 39

Hot Flashes
After suffering from hot flashes for almost ten years I decided to try acupuncture. After a few sessions with Jesse Katzman my hot flashes began to improve. The needles did not hurt and the sessions were actually very calming. Jesse made some recommendations to my diet by suggesting that I eliminate some foods and beverages. He also suggested taking an herbal supplement. I no longer have acupuncture or take the supplements, and my hot flashes have remained improved significantly. I still have them but they are much less often and less severe.

- Kathy, 61

Shoulder Injury, Athletic Training
My shoulder has been feeling awesome! It hasn't hurt at all. I even did my 40-minute Spartacus Workout, and it didn't hurt. Miraculous. Thanks a bunch!

- Thiel, 22

Foot and Knee Pain, Tennis Elbow, Low Back Pain
What Jesse has done for me has been nothing short of amazing. When I first decided to try acupuncture was when the doctors were talking about surgery on my feet because I was in such great pain. I didn't like the sound of that. Then a nurse at the hospital said that acupuncture had helped her so I decided to give it a try. Considering that I have a fear of needles I was very nervous, but Jesse has a great bedside manner and put me at ease right away. I have responded so well to his treatments that I've been to see him for my knees, tennis elbow, and low back with great pain relief. If you would have told me that it was possible to fall asleep with a bunch of needles stuck in you I would have laughed at you, but the atmosphere is so relaxing that's exactly what I do during my treatments.

- Mitch, 57

Bell's Palsy
Just so you know, my face is completely back to normal from the Bell's Palsy!! Scary situation at the time for sure for me.

- Todd, 41

Smoking Cessation
I had a severe addiction to smoking; I tried many different methods to try to stop - nothing seemed to work. Acupuncture was recommended by my doctor. I came to Jesse for advice and treatment. Jesse was fantastic. After my initial treatment and two subsequent treatments, I actually had lost the craving to smoke! Many thanks to Jesse, his knowledge and his professionalism! After this excellent experience, I highly recommend Jesse!

- John, 67

Viral Infection Recovery, Headache, Dizziness, Maintenance
I've been around the block! Yes, I've been a science experiment for the "best research scientists" in medicine. Turns out there are 1,000's of viruses our doctors know nothing about, and when I presented with organ and structural damage, the doctors' heads turned to the side like my chickens do to get a better look. The virus that attacked my body is not something easily treated, and this fight is for life or death. So I don't mess around in choosing just anyone to help me on my journey to find health.

I am especially impressed with Jesse. Not just because the acupuncture treatments are precise, thoughtful and effective, but also because the personalized attention makes the experience relaxing and healing. He pays close attention, listens carefully and takes extra steps to be sure I am getting the best and most specialized treatment for my situation at present. Recovery is ever-changing and so is the treatment I receive as my body gets stronger and more healthy.

I also source Chinese medicinal remedies through Jesse because, as with all things, he takes extra care to be sure what I'm getting is pure and good. I trust and depend on Jesse to help me stay well.

- Laurie, 54

Enjoyed sessions of acupuncture and gained a better understanding of the impact of nutrition for overall health.

- Steve, 58

Stress, Digestive Issues, Insomnia, Body Pain, Maintenance
I have been coming to Jesse for two and a half years for acupuncture. I came to him because I suffered from constipation, bloating, diarrhea, and difficulties sleeping for one year. All of which occurred during a stressful time in my life. I have always had a healthy diet and exercise regularly, but nothing helped until I met Jesse. Within five acupuncture treatments my digestion stabilized and I could finally get a full nights' sleep. I continue to receive acupuncture from Jesse for routine maintenance and other issues that may arise.

Jesse is very personable and is also knowledgeable in nutrition. He is efficient in all areas of his business. His business is always clean and organized. His beautiful paintings provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere. His patients' personal information is always kept private. During each acupuncture treatment Jesse makes sure that you are comfortable during the insertion of the needles and checks to see how you are doing regularly. I would highly recommend Jesse to anyone. He has helped me out greatly!

- Erica, 39

Hot Flashes, Low Back Pain, Maintenance
Seeing Jesse is one of the best things I have ever done for my health and well-being! I have been getting acupuncture treatments from Jesse for several years. I started out going more frequently to treat a specific problem, and now I go in less often to manage my condition and wellness. Jesse is careful to listen to my specific issues and treat accordingly. I have been raving to my family and friends about how his treatments have helped me!

- Rita, 56

Hip and Knee Pain
I managed to finish all 60+ miles of the Susan G. Komen 3-day, and I credit you and your excellent care for that! I did not have ANY trouble with my hip or my knee, and I felt great at the end!! Thank you so much for all of your help. I would highly recommend Jesse.

- Beth, 52

Knee Pain, Low Back and Shoulder Pain
Really helped with the pain!

- Scott, 44

Mood, Healthy Eating and Lifestyle
After finding Jesse Katzman online about a year ago, I thought I would try something different. I have suffered with depression for many years and now receive monthly acupuncture sessions. I look forward to each painless, relaxing treatment. Jesse is very professional and knows what he is doing! Each session I take away a new bit of information regarding healthier eating or healthier lifestyle changes. I would recommend his services to anyone willing to try a different approach to being healthier.

- Karen, 50

Body Pain, Marathon Training
Thanks again for the treatment. I feel great and ready to run the race!

- Michael, 33

Smoking Cessation
My first experience with Jesse opened my eyes to the mental and physical benefits of their services. After my second session, I noticed a huge drop in my cravings for cigarettes, and I successfully quit smoking by my final visit. I would recommend them to anyone thinking of leading a healthier life, or anyone who just wants to try something new!

- Kevin, 18

Stress, Neck Tension
I recommended Jesse to two other friends!

- Linda, 43

Anxiety and Stress, Neck and Back Pain
Jesse's knowledge, technique and professionalism are remarkable. He treated me for general anxiety, stress reduction and neck and back pain. The results were awesome and I always felt safe and comfortable as his patient. As a medical practitioner myself, I was immediately impressed with his confidence and thoroughness. I referred many patients to Jesse without hesitation, all of whom had good experiences with positive health improvements. I have also had the opportunity to know Jesse as a fellow colleague, and I am consistently amazed by his persistence in reaching his goals. Not only is he an excellent practitioner, he is genuinely committed to his own health and to helping others achieve their health goals.

- Nikole, 38

Neck and Back Pain
Jesse is professional, honorable, attentive, and gentle. He treated me for neck and back discomfort due to scoliosis. I noticed how present he was during the intake and his ability to explain my Chinese medical diagnosis in a non-technical way. I felt very relaxed during the treatment which greatly helped to reduce my pain. I would not hesitate to refer patients to Jesse, who is very experienced in prescribing herbs, exercise, stretches, and lifestyle changes which can help the client achieve their health goals. He is genuine in his intention to help others to help themselves!

- Rachel, 37

Neck Pain
Thanks so much for helping me. It's such a relief to have the neck pain mostly gone.

- Julie, 71

TMJ, Upper Back and Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain
Comfortable environment with knowledgeable practitioners.

- Julie, 47

Chronic Bronchitis
Having used acupuncture for two decades, mostly from faculty at the school AAAOM in Roseville, where Jesse received his training, am thrilled to have such qualified help located here in Stillwater. When home from Arizona in the spring and summer, Jesse's expert needling helps me adjust my damp/phlegm condition, going from several months of almost zero humidity in Arizona to the high Minnesota humidity. He also helps me prepare for the winter transition. Jesse is extremely knowledgeable about the mind, body, spirit connections, a true healer, and I highly recommend him for all levels of care.

- Bonne, 72

Muscle Spasms, Sciatic Nerve Issues
Jesse Katzman was extremely helpful in my recovery from a severe muscle spasm and sciatic nerve issues. He demonstrated the ability to know exactly what was going on and what to do to remedy the situation. I am much more informed now about acupuncture and eastern medicine because of my experience with Jesse. He talked me through the whole process from beginning to end. I felt no discomfort, just relaxation and relief from the issues. I am very grateful and happy to benefit from virtually a hundred percent recovery in a relatively short period of time.

- Will, 40

Back Pain, Tension Headaches
Great communication with the acupuncturist.

- Carol, 58

Elbow Pain
When I remembered how well acupuncture worked for my elbow pain, I decided to refer my boyfriend's mother to see Jesse for her elbow and shoulder pain.

- Daisy, 43

Insomnia, Restless Leg Syndrome
When I started treatments with Jesse, I had been suffering from insomnia for quite a while. His acupuncture and herbal prescription has been very effective, and I haven't had a sleepless night since I started seeing him. The treatment has also been very effective in controlling my restless leg syndrome. He has answered all of my questions in a friendly and professional manner and has always made me feel at ease. I appreciate all he has done for me. Thank you very much!

- John, 82

Potency Following Vasectomy Reversal
Acupuncture's awesome. It really worked!

- Patrick, 31

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